Toronto Zombie Walk

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The undead have swarmed downtown. Unconfirmed estimates suggest that around 1000 of the inconsistently cardiovascular amassed in the brain-filled(?) centre of T.O. today.
Checking back here you may find a selection of the finest Toronto Zombie Walk Photos that the brave shutterbugs wished to submit, but in the meantime a Flickr search will uncover the latest raw unedited horror that overcame the Good city.

Anyone who may have been there, via meetup or not, may submit their 'best of' selection to for display in the forthcoming gallery. A link will be provided with full credit to a website or photostream, so send (preferably zips) of photos to torontozombiewalk AT gmail DOT com. They'll be displayed at around 1024x768, so if you have that to send, that would be great.

Macabre Images of the Post-Vital 2005

Thanks to everyone who turned up last year, considering the weather I was amazed by the number of zombies. I would hope, though, that this year some more of the shutterbugs may don some makeup or drool some fake blood.

Flickr has a compendium of the best of last year's photos...Flickr images